Dhamma Group


Dhamma Group asbl (non-profit organization)
Theravada Buddhist Association
Burmese Vipassana tradition
Member of the Belgian Buddhist Union

Headquarters and
residential activities: Dhammaramsi Centre, 22 Route de Floreffe, 5170 RIVIERE



BCE 479.723.297


The Dhamma Group is a Buddhist association of the Theravada tradition, created in 1986.
Its main objective is to promote and spread Vipassana meditation as it is practiced in Burma.

The association was founded by Venerable Dr. Rewata Dhamma who entrusted Marie-Cécile Forget with its daily management. This internationally reputed Burmese monk took charge of the Group’s spiritual leadership until his death in 2004. In 2003, the Group became a non-profit organization with its main office located at Rue de la Duchesse 4, in 1040 Brussels. Marie-Cécile FORGET is president of the association. Shortly before his death, Venerable Dr. Rewata Dhamma granted her the title of “kammathanacariya” (meditation teacher) and at the same time gave her the Buddhist name of Dhammadinna.

The spiritual leader of the association is Venerable Sayadaw U Paññathamibhivamsa (Burma), who was Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa’s disciple from an early age. Sayadaw currently lives in Australia where he is the Abbot of the Panditarama Centre in Sydney. .

Since more than twenty years, he has been travelling from East to West with a view to teaching Vipassana meditation as well as Buddhism in general.

The Dhamma Group is a member of the Belgian Buddhist Union.

The association operates under the traditional donation principle. Without the valuable support of donors and volunteers, the Dhamma Group could not possibly have survived.

The Dhamma Group’s main objective is to promote and teach Vipassana meditation. Meditation evenings are organized in several cities; these create opportunities to learn and to deepen one’s knowledge of the method. During the many meditation days, week-ends and longer retreats, the yogi’s can familiarize themselves with the intensive practice of Vipassana according to the Mahasi method. All residential activities take place in the Dhammaramsi centre in Rivière.

Reputable monks come to the Centre regularly to coach intensive retreats. Every year, Dr. Rewata Dhamma’s successor – Sayadaw U Ottara Nyana – visits Rivière to guide a Vipassana retreat that includes teachings of the Abhidhamma and the Buddhist scriptures.

In addition to the adult courses, the Dhamma Group welcomes youngsters. Special courses for schools can be organized on request.