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Weekly session (no inscription required; free participation). In Brussels, Rivière, Liège and Leuven (ND), see page “ACTIVITIES”.


There is no meditation on 27th and 28th Februari in Brussels. The meditation on 23th February in Dhammaramsi will be guided by Sayalay Daw Vajirañani. Welcome to every body.

From 24th Februari to 5 March 2017: INTENSIVE VIPASSANA MEDITATION retreat under the guidance of Sayalay Daw Vajirañani     Info/inscriptions:


Sunday 19th March : Intensive meditation day with  MC Forget. Info/inscription: Venue: Center Dhammaramsi in Rivière


Sunday 26th March : Voluntary work in the kitchen and garden.  Info/inscription:  Patricia ZORZI


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