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From Saturday 30 July to Friday 5 August 2016: Metta meditation retreat under the guidance of Ven. Dr U Ottara Nyana. Info/inscription: “Hoa Nguyen-Phuc-Bao” <>


During holiday, evening programm change

août 2016:

In Brussels Only on Wednesday 19.00-20.30 and
In Rivière (Center Dhammaramsi) PAS de méditation le jeudi

septembre 2016:

In Brussels Monday: meditation  19.00-20.30  Tuesday: NO meditation Wednesday 7, 14, 21 et 28: Introductory series to vipassana with Claude JEANDRAIN. info/inscription:
In Rivière (Center Dhammaramsi) Thursday: meditation 19.00-20.30


26/28 August 2016 : Intensive weekends vipassana with Gerda D’Hertefelt. Info/inscription:

11 September: Intensive day vipassana meditation with Gerda d’Hertefelt. Info/inscription: