Program MARCH – APRIL 2020

In Rivière (DHAMMARAMSI centre):

From Monday, February 24th to Thursday, March 5th : INTENSIVE VIPASSANA MEDITATION RETREAT with the American nun, Sayalay MA VAJIRA; contact : laurentingber@dhammagroupbrussels.be

Saturday, March 7th: Grand opening of the new meditation space in presence of Sayalay MA VAJIRA ; Program: Meditation in a morning and then a festive lunch followed by an art exposition of paintings from M.C. Forget : « Similarities between art and meditation ». All the benefits of the event will go towards helping the project.
Inscription : mthienpondt@dhammagroupbrussels.be

From Friday April 3rd, to Friday April 24th: INTENSIVE VIPASSANA RETREAT based on Mahasi Sayadaw tradition and guided by Sayadaw U THUZANA;
Contact : claudejeandrain@dhammagroupbrussels.be

NEW IN BRUSSELS: once a month Vipassana meditation evening with instructions in Dutch.
Contact : patrickcn.renard@icloud.com; moensthomas@hotmail.com

If you wish to escape the usual hustle and bustle for a few days, you can rent a room in the Dhamma Group house in Rivière, Belgium (€ 15, € 22, – € 30 a night);
Info/registration : info@dhammagroupbrussels.be

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