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During the retreat  of  June 3th till June 20th , there will be “no” meditation evenings in Brussels on Tuesday , and “no” meditation evenings in Riviere on Thursday

 Intensive Metta retraite    from Juli 28th  till  Thursday  3th Augustus 2017

Metta retraite under the guidance of  Dr. U Ottara Nyana in Dhammaramsi meditation centre, Rivière.

Info/inscription : gerda d’hertefelt:       

We are still looking for volunteers to help in kitchen.

Interested ? please contact pascal RODRIGUEZ

From Saturday June 3th till Tuesday June 20th  2017:

INTENSIVE VIPASSANA MEDITATION retreat under the guidance of SAYADAW U NANDASIDDHI Info/inscriptions:

please contact Hoa

mobile number : +32 477 532 998

We are still looking for volunteers to help in the kitchen ,

interested ? please contact    Laurent

during this retrait there will be  “no” meditation evenings in Brussel on Tuesday , and there will be “no” meditation evenings on Thursday in Riviere


On Monday June 5th,  12th, 19th and 26th  , 19:00 – 20:30

Introduction Series

This consists of one evening session per week for four weeks.

These sessions serve as an introduction to vipassana.

Each session comprises 30 minutes of practice, 30 minutes of questions and answers and 30 minutes of theory.

With Bruno Vandergucht
In 1040 Brussels Rue Duchesse 2

Participation: 20€ for the 4 sessions

Sunday 7th of July and Sunday 20th of August  2017,


With Marie-Cécile Forget

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