Intensive retreats

Intensive retreats are regularly organised at Dhammaramsi. They are directed by masters who are skilled in meditation at the highest level. Once a year, one retreat concerns itself with the study of Buddhist scriptures (Abhidhamma and the Suttas)

Centre DHAMMARAMSI, route de Floreffe 22 – 5170 RIVIERE.

February/march (Carnaval retreat) : Sayalay Daw Vajirañani
April (Eastern retreat) : Sayadaw U Thuzana
June/July (Summer retreat) : Sayadaw U Nanujjota
July/August (Metta retreat) : Dr. U Ottara Nyana
Oct/nov (Abhidhamma retreat) : Dr. U Ottara Nyana

Participation : 27 € a night (35 € for individual room )

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