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Venerable Sayadaw U Pannathami

Saya. U Pannathami II

Venerable Sayadaw U Pannathami was born in Kawmhu, Myanmar, on May 27, 1948. He was initiated as a novice in 1960 at the age of 12 years. He received bhikkhu ordination in 1968 at the age of 20 years. He passed the Dhammateacher (Dhammacariya) examinations in 1973 and later on also passed the Abhivamsa examinations.

In 1966 he did his first intensive meditation retreat of three and a half months at the Mahasi Meditation Center, Yangon, Myanmar. His teacher was the Ven Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa. From 1978 to 1983 he stayed at the Mahasi Meditation Center, Yangon, Myanmar. Then he was sent to Sri Lanka where he stayed at the Burmese Vihara in Kandy for over two years (1983-1985). Next he was posted as a meditation teacher at the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center, Penang, Malaysia in 1985. He stayed for one year and then moved to the London Buddhist Vihara in England where he stayed for six years (1986-1991). For ten years (1991-2000) he was the resident monk and meditation teacher at the Blue Mountain Meditation Center in Australia. He then taught at the Vipassana Meditation Center in Sydney for two years (1996-1998). Since January 2000 the Ven. Sayadaw U Pannathami is the abbot of Panditarama Sydney Meditation Center, Sydney, Australia. In November 2001 he founded the Panditarama Melbourne Meditation Center.

The Ven. Sayadaw U Pannathami has conducted meditation retreats and has been guiding meditators since 1985.

Venerable Sayadaw U Thuzana


Sayadaw Thuzana is the new Abbot of Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC). Before coming to TMC in May 2011, he was the chief meditation master at Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center (MBMC) in Penang, Malaysia from 2003-2010. From 2000-2003, he was an assistant to Sayadawgyi Panditābhivamsa at Hse-mine-gone Meditation Center in Bago, Myanmar. In this capacity, he taught Vipassana meditation to many local and foreign yogis.

Venerable Dr U Ottara Nyana

Saya. U Ottara Nyana

Head of the Birmingham Buddhist Vihara, he was born in Myanmar in 1949. He has studied Theravada Buddhism since childhood under several eminent scholar monks. He passed the higher examination in scriptural studies and was awarded several prestigious titles. In 1992, he went to India for further study in Delhi University. He stayed at Mahasi Meditation Centre in Yangon for three years (1984 / 1986) as meditator and meditation instructor. Myanmar government conferred on him the Religious tittles Mahaganthavacaka Pandita (1992) and Aggamahaganthavacaka Pandita (2002) for his academic activities. He now teaches Majjimanikaya, Pali Grammar, Abhidhamma and Vipassana meditation in Birmingham Buddhist Vihara.

Venerable Sayadaw U Nanda Siddhi


The Venerable Sayadaw Nanda Siddhi was born on July 16 1960 at Moulmein, a town in lower Myanmar. From 1978 to 1981, He continued his education at Yangon Arts and Science University, graduating with a BSc degree in Physics. In 1985, after two years study, gained a R.L. Degree as a registered lawyer, High Court Pleader. In 1988, Maung Tin Hlaing decided that worldly life was not for him, and was ordained on the auspicious day of May 30. In 1992, U Nanda Siddhi passed the Dhammacariya Degree, or Master of Buddhist Studies. In 1999, U Nanda Siddhi was assigned by U Panditabhivamsa to take on the responsibilities of teaching Buddhist Dhamma and insight meditation at Santisukha- rama Meditation Centre in Malaysia. In 2001, Sayadaw was given the Sasanadhaja Dhammacariya (Master of Buddhist Studies) Degree. In 2005 Sayadaw established the Nirodharama Meditation Centre in Perak Malaysia. In 2013 Sayadaw established a new Nirodharama Meditation Centre in Yangon Myanmar. Sayadaw presently continues to reside at Nirodharama Meditation Centre in Malaysia leading insight meditation retreats, propagating the Buddha Sasana amongst Asian countries

Sayalay Daw Vajirañani


Sayalay Daw Vajirañani is American. She was born in Chicago in november 1954. She graduated from a college in Massachusetts, and then worked in computers and as an accountant. She starts meditation in 1980 at the “Insight Meditation Society“ in Barre and joins the staff members after a few years. In 1991, she is ordained by Sayadaw U Pandita at IMS, as he was leading a retreat there. She resides now at the Panditarama meditation centre, where she teaches both the theory and the practice of meditation. Among others, she has also been interpreter for Sayadaw U Pandita.

Sayadaw U Nanujjota

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Sayadaw U Nanujjota-Bhivamsa is the current Kammathanachariya Sayadaw of IBMC (International Buddhist Meditation Center in Kathmandu – Népal).
He is currently the resident Sayadaw at Shwe Taung Gon Sasana Yeiktha in Yangon. He is a Nayaka Sayadaw at the Pandita Rama
(Shwe Taung Gon Sasana Yeiktha ) in Yangon, Myanmar. He trained under the famous Sayadaw U Jannaka-bhivamsa of Maha Gandha Yon Monastery at Amarapura, the Shwe Taung Gon Sayadaw U Pandita-bhivamsa and the late Mahasi Sayadaw.
He began practicing meditation at the Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha Meditation Center in Yangon when he was 23 years old. After completing his formal studies at the age of 31, he moved permanently to the Mahasi Center in Yangon. Later, in 1991, when he was 36, he moved with Sayadaw U Pandita to the new Shwe Taung Gon Panditarama Meditation Center. Sayadaw U Nanujjota lived in Manchester England for 10 years at the Saraniya dhamma Meditation Center.